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The NevidaKor Story


Since my teenage years I have been called a “Fashionista” and have always been passionate about wearing gorgeous jewelry.  My flair for shopping and designing jewelry I inherited from my Mother, a beautiful lady who designed and made earrings, purses and sweaters that were sold in shops in the Houston Galleria.


After jewelry classes, I designed my own jewelry and created multiple sassy designs using brilliant micro-pave’ CZ’s (cubic zirconias). Micro-pave’ CZ’s are beautiful, they have bling, they are affordable and they definitely appeal to all ages.  When I wear my original jewelry creations, friends as well as strangers stop me and comment on my beautiful jewelry.


My longtime girlfriends and I call ourselves the “Mermaids”.  My mermaid name is “NevidaKor,” a variation of my maiden name, Neva Correale.  “NevidaKor” is the name I chose for my line of distinctive jewelry.  To honor my Mermaid girlfriends I named many of my designs after them.


NevidaKor has been one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, endeavors I have experienced in my life.  After a career of 32 years in the Aerospace industry and raising a family, at 50+ years young, I finally found my passion, designing and selling distinctive jewelry!


I invite all of you to join me and CZ the Moment!



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