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Micro-Pave' Orbs, Tassels and Enhancers *


The micro-pave' orbs and tassels are incorporated into most of the NevidaKor designs.  There are two types of tassel enhancers:  The Terry tassel enhancers which measure 4.5” in length and The Terry Elongated tassel enhancers which measure 9.5” in length. 


Each of these enhancers can be added to most of the NevidaKor necklaces for an additional classy look.  Several of the NevidaKor necklaces  (NevidaKor, Suzanne, Diana, Connie Jo, Wendy, Jolene, etc...) can be worn long or wrapped around your neck more than once to create a whole new look with or without the addition of a tassel enhancer.


You can also attach the NevidaKor tassel enhancers to your existing designer necklaces for a new stylish look.

The tassel enhancers can be purchased in a solid or two-tone chain color combination of your choice.  The Nevidakor Jewelry Collection is designed to allow you to layer multiple pieces.  


A pull down menu is available to select which chain color combination you would like when purchasing your selected tassels and tassel enhancers.  The tassels are offered in the following chain color combinations:

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Gunmetal

  • Gold/Silver

  • Gold/Gunmetal

  • Silver/Gunmetal


*Note: All Enhancers are sold seperately.

The Terry Tassel Enhancers

The Many Ways  to Flaunt "The NevidaKor" Necklace

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